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Collectible Trains For Sale

Item # MFG Description Price
7815 Lionel 1978 Toy Fair box Car.N/OB $125.00
19937 Lionel 1995 Toy Fair Car.N/OB $160.00
9349 Lionel S.F.Gold Bullion Car N/OB $150.00
7517 Lionel Phil.Mint Car.N/OB $70.00
7518 Lionel Carson City Mint Car N/OB $50.00
7522 Lionel N.O. Mint Car.N/OB $70.00
7700 Lionel Uncle Sam Box Car.N/OB $60.00
9807 Lionel Strohs Reefer Car N/OB $110.00 SOLD
9146 Lionel Mogen David Wine Car.N/OB $40.00
9224 Lionel Operating Horse Car(Churchill Downs)Super Rare.N/OB $ 300.00
9852 Lionel Miller Billboard Reefer.N/OB $30.00
19444 Lionel Flat Car W/ Volkswagon Bugs.N/OB $65.00
7903 MTH-RK NYC Box Car W/Santa Sounds.N/OB $135.00
7613 MTH Flat Car W/ T.Birds.N/OB $120.00
3005 MTH Southern Crescent Premier Engine&Tender.W/#4008/4108 70' Madison Cars.7 Car Set. N/OB $1,895.00 SOLD
1107 MTH Gray Challenger Engine&Tender.W/ #6019/6119 60' Aluminum Cars.6 Car set N/OB $1,295.00
1078 Weaver LV-462 John Wilkes.Brass Engine & Tender.Black W/Red & White Trim Stripes.W/Proto Sound.# 4010/# 4110 70' Madison John Wilkes Leigh Vally Cars. 7 Car Set N/OB SOLD $2,195.00
30-1131-0 MTH National Biscuit Company.Engine & tender.4-8-4 Northern Only 350 Made.Mint in box. SOLD $ 650.00
1108 MTH Black Challenger Engine & Tender.Test Run Like New,in Box. $ 750.00
52189 Lionel / Eastwood MONOPOLY SET & 8 Cars.Lionel #52189 Blt 1999, MINT/Original Box/ SEALED UNIQUE LIONEL AUTHORIZED SET. TOTAL 10 ITEMS. Lionel and Eastwood teamed up for the hottest collectible release of 1999. THE MONOPOLY FREIGHT SET. First in 1998 a series of four cars were produced (1500 sets made). This included the hot hot hot MINT CAR plus a caboose, tank car and transformer car. Next came the second four pack of cars (only made 1400 of these sets). This set included the RAILROAD BOXCAR, plus Take A Chance gondola, Go to Jail stock car, and Free Parking Auto Carrier. Both these sets sold out… and are trading for mega bucks (if you can find one) ALL ITEMS ARE ABSOLUTELY MINT IN THE ORIGINAL BOX, THIS IS THE LAST OF ITS KIND SOLD

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